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I'm happy you exist <3

    When you buy a piece from IVORY WORLD, you get one free session with a licensed therapist. You can use it yourself, give it to a friend or family member, or donate it to the Flower Potour own waiting list for affordable psychologist therapy!

    But that's not all: )
    We have a subscription service called Flower Box. For every 10 subscribers to the Flower Box, we put one person from the Flower Pot on continuous psychologist therapy!

    Every piece you buy from IVORY WORLD helps someone get the therapy they need, even if it's a stranger, a friend or even yourself! And if you subscribe to the Flower Box, you're helping even more people get the help they deserve!

    Thanks for supporting IVORY WORLD and our mission to make therapy accessible to everyone :))


    Worlwide Shipping

    I ship almost anywhere in the world. If you have any suggestion let me know!

    Shipping Policy

    100% Sustainable

    I prioritize the planet with top quality organic cotton and sustainable processes.


    60-Day Returns

    Flower you can Return your items if you don't like them, it's easy and fast :)

    Returns & Exchanges

    Customer Support

    I answer all of my messages during the week, I will try to be as fast as possible Flower

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